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Established in 2007, Fair Cake is a premier cake school in the UK, hosting cake decorating classes and baking classes for amateur and professional bakers from our beautiful workshop in Brighton, East Sussex. Classes taught at the cake school offer the highest quality teaching and many students travel from abroad to attend.

Our cake school offers a variety of one day cake decorating classes such as our popular buttercream flowers cake class and our chocolate ganache workshop. Our two day pastry classes transport you to the streets of Paris to learn all about Choux pastry under expert guidance. And our five day workshops offer a fully immersive experience on a variety of subjects to really hone in and develop your skills when it comes to baking and decorating. Five day workshops include our cake baking and decorating courses, our vegan baking course and our wedding cake course. We also host a range of online cake decorating courses.

Fair Cake Shop offers a carefully curated selection of tools and equipment to accompany our classes and enhance your baking experience.

Browse our selection of cake decorating classes from the options below, and if you have any questions, please get in touch.


If you have never baked before but you are interested in professional baking classes then this is the perfect class for you! Our Cake Baking and Decorating class is the perfect introduction to baking and learning how to decorate cakes professionally If you have ever oohed and aahed over professionally iced cakes, cupcakes and cookies and wondered just how and why they tick all the right boxes of appearance and taste, then this is the class for you. Location: Brighton, East Sussex


This is our most popular class at the cake school to date!  Not only will you learn how to pipe delicate buttercream flowers in this class, but you will also learn how to cover a cake in delicious Swiss Meringue Buttercream. This is a very different way of decorating cakes, perfect for you if you do not like to use fondant or flower paste. Location: Brighton, East Sussex  


If you have never baked before but you are interested in professional baking classes then this is the perfect class for you! Our Cake Baking and Decorating class is the perfect introduction to baking and learning how to decorate cakes professionally If you have ever oohed and aahed over professionally iced cakes, cupcakes and cookies and wondered just how and why they tick all the right boxes of appearance and taste, then this is the class for you. Location: Brighton, East Sussex


Learn how to decorate cupcakes and get those creative juices flowing.


Spend the day with us in our cake school and learn how to make Swiss Meringue Buttercream and create this stunning chocolate ganache drip cake, perfect for a special occasion. Location: Brighton, East Sussex

A brand new wedding cake class that is set to teach you all the skills you need to make a show-stopping contemporary wedding cake! Learn all the techniques that go into making modern wedding cakes at our gorgeous cake school. Location: Brighton, East Sussex

Create this stunning two tier cake, perfect for a special occasion in just one day! Come along to our One Day Ganache Masterclass! Location: Brighton, East Sussex


This is our first ever macaron class!  Not only will you learn how to pipe delicate shells of macarons in this class, you will also learn how to make flavoured ganache based fillings. All you ever needed to know about macarons will be covered in this class. Location: Brighton, East Sussex


A brand new sugar flowers class helping you create realistic looking sugar flowers. Location: Brighton, East Sussex

Have you ever been curious about what goes into making vegan meringues? Or how to make the ideal gluten-free sponge that's also delicious? Our vegan baking classes are a perfect introduction to gluten-free and vegan cake decorating and baking. If you've ever been unsure of how to construct the ultimate "free-from" sponge or meringues, then this is the class for you. Location: Brighton, East Sussex

Meet Uma

Uma BlacherBehind the delicious creations and top-notch instruction at Fair Cake stands Uma Blacher, a lifelong baking enthusiast turned expert teacher. After competing at the Miss India pageant and building a successful career in fashion and television, Uma followed her true passion to London in 2004. Her hobby of baking and decorating cakes for friends soon blossomed into a bustling business serving clients across Sussex.

In 2019, Uma seized the opportunity to take over Fair Cake, one of London’s premier cake baking and decorating schools. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, she has led Fair Cake to continued growth and innovation. Uma is driven by the goal that every student leaves equipped with the skills and knowledge to start their own baking journey, whether for personal enjoyment or professional pursuits.

Uma has expanded Fair Cake’s offerings with new classes like Baking and Decorating Fundamentals, Contemporary Wedding Cakes, and Modern Wedding Cakes. Recognising the importance of inclusive baking, Uma has also developed an array of vegan and gluten-free classes.

Under Uma’s leadership and vision, Fair Cake is becoming the premier destination for aspiring bakers. Her passion for baking and commitment to sharing her expertise is helping home cooks and professionals alike discover the joy of creating special occasion cakes.

Why choose Fair Cake?

  • We offer unique cake decorating courses not available at other schools.
  • We have an excellent long standing reputation that brings in new students through word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Our courses are highly professional, teaching techniques that allow students to create beautifully decorated, bakery-quality cakes.
  • Students leave our courses with professional-level decorating skills and gorgeous, impressive cakes.
  • Our talented instructor is an industry expert who provides hands-on guidance and shares years of cake decorating knowledge.
  • Small class sizes allow for individualised attention and support for students at all skill levels.

Experience our cake school

Our cake school is aimed at both beginners and professionals, so whether you are attending with friends as a fun day out or want to hone your skills to begin a cake-baking business, we are the perfect solution to help you to develop your baking expertise. If you are looking for pastry classes, vegan cake decorating or cake baking and decorating classes, you will find them all in our cake school.

Read Our Latest Reviews

Layla Shelbaya-Grace
Layla Shelbaya-Grace
This course was amazing! The teacher was very organized/structured with the day to day activities and went at the perfect pace in which our class was able to take in lots of information in and we didn’t just wait around. The Teacher was very kind, funny, and was able to explain everything clearly. I would definitely recommend Fair Cakes and would want to do it again!!
Haley Jackson
Haley Jackson
I attended the 5 day Baking and Cake Decorating course in September 2023. What a wonderful experience and well worth the travel down from the north of England to Brighton. The setting and the delivery of the course were perfect. Students are given top quality products to work with. The pace of the course was just right, steady enough to follow but jam packed from start to finish with methods and tips. I can't believe how much I learnt and it exceeded all my expectations. Despite me not having any baking experience, Uma's skill in demonstrating and guiding the class through basics of baking and icing enabled me to leave the course with a bag full of amazing cookies and cakes! I would highly recommend attending this course as it has provide me with confidence to experiment and create my own cakes in the future. Thank you to Uma for all your patience!
Knowledgeable, kind and friendly
I took two courses earlier this year, and both were exactly what I was looking for. The buttercream flower class was great, I just wish I had more time to practice, as this is clearly an art form. Hot Off The Press Caking (see photos) left me with an insanely heavy cake to take home and share with my family. (Thankfully we were celebrating a birthday because this is a monster.)The techniques taught helped me make 3 wedding cakes so far this year. Broken down, the expense is not that much, and understandable once you see what's involved in running the classes. Still, you have to really want to take the class to warrant the time, effort, and dough. I'm definitely going to try and go back.
Suganthini Mahendran
Suganthini Mahendran
Excellent place to learn the art of cakes and sugar flowers
Nikki Atkinson
Nikki Atkinson
Just completed the baking and decorating class and loved every minute of it. Highly recommended.
Sameer Buch
Sameer Buch
We attended the buttercream flowers class. It was excellent - well run, great instructions, amazing final product. Learned a lot. Class is perfect size and kitchen is great. Shikhita is a great teacher and has built an amazing business. Worth the cost for the class.
Katalin Brindley
Katalin Brindley
I recently attended the 5 day baking and decorating course. It was a truly enjoyable and fun class, lots of knowledge shared and a great introduction to cake making. We learnt a lot about buttercream and ganache, walked away with some really good recipes and 3 lovely cakes. Everything was well explained and demonstrated every step of the way, with individual help given when needed. I can warmly recommend this course to all beginners like myself.

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