Cake school testimonials

Our cake baking and decorating classes attract students from all over the world and we pride ourselves on the high-quality teaching we provide. Take a look at what some of our previous students have to say about our cake school and their experience…

Layla Shelbaya-Grace
Layla Shelbaya-Grace
This course was amazing! The teacher was very organized/structured with the day to day activities and went at the perfect pace in which our class was able to take in lots of information in and we didn’t just wait around. The Teacher was very kind, funny, and was able to explain everything clearly. I would definitely recommend Fair Cakes and would want to do it again!!
Haley Jackson
Haley Jackson
I attended the 5 day Baking and Cake Decorating course in September 2023. What a wonderful experience and well worth the travel down from the north of England to Brighton. The setting and the delivery of the course were perfect. Students are given top quality products to work with. The pace of the course was just right, steady enough to follow but jam packed from start to finish with methods and tips. I can't believe how much I learnt and it exceeded all my expectations. Despite me not having any baking experience, Uma's skill in demonstrating and guiding the class through basics of baking and icing enabled me to leave the course with a bag full of amazing cookies and cakes! I would highly recommend attending this course as it has provide me with confidence to experiment and create my own cakes in the future. Thank you to Uma for all your patience!
Knowledgeable, kind and friendly
I took two courses earlier this year, and both were exactly what I was looking for. The buttercream flower class was great, I just wish I had more time to practice, as this is clearly an art form. Hot Off The Press Caking (see photos) left me with an insanely heavy cake to take home and share with my family. (Thankfully we were celebrating a birthday because this is a monster.)The techniques taught helped me make 3 wedding cakes so far this year. Broken down, the expense is not that much, and understandable once you see what's involved in running the classes. Still, you have to really want to take the class to warrant the time, effort, and dough. I'm definitely going to try and go back.
Suganthini Mahendran
Suganthini Mahendran
Excellent place to learn the art of cakes and sugar flowers
Nikki Atkinson
Nikki Atkinson
Just completed the baking and decorating class and loved every minute of it. Highly recommended.
Sameer Buch
Sameer Buch
We attended the buttercream flowers class. It was excellent - well run, great instructions, amazing final product. Learned a lot. Class is perfect size and kitchen is great. Shikhita is a great teacher and has built an amazing business. Worth the cost for the class.
Katalin Brindley
Katalin Brindley
I recently attended the 5 day baking and decorating course. It was a truly enjoyable and fun class, lots of knowledge shared and a great introduction to cake making. We learnt a lot about buttercream and ganache, walked away with some really good recipes and 3 lovely cakes. Everything was well explained and demonstrated every step of the way, with individual help given when needed. I can warmly recommend this course to all beginners like myself.

“I was in the Modern Wedding Cake baking and decorating class last week and I want to tell you that it was fantastic! It surpassed my expectations actually. Both Laura and Graziella are really talented women and both have very good teaching skills. As I never used fondant before, I was quite surprised I could manage to cover 2 dummies and a cake! of course not perfectly but now I ordered tools and equipment to keep up the practice. Also, the assistants are very professional, helpful and with great people skills. The studio has a very positive vibe, peaceful, cosy, bright. You can see and feel that you put your heart on it.”

Marianela Leitón

“I attended Sugar Flowers, Tara Gan at Fair Cake this weekend and it was absolutely fantastic. Tara was a brilliant and fun teacher to work with. Met some great people from Toronto and Norway and London. A great way to spend a weekend. I look forward to attending more courses at Fair Cake in the future.”

Pat Walker

“I am very selective with the sort of courses I attend and people I learn from. When I heard of “How to sell your cakes” run by Shikhita and Elizabeth I knew it was a must for me to attend. Words can neither qualify nor quantify the guidance and useful advice we were given. I am so grateful and very excited about the future of my cake business. Thank you Shikhita & Elizabeth for your support and guidance and for setting me on the right path!”

Tutan Opebiyi

“I have attended a few classes at Fair Cake cake school with a variety of tutors. My favourite was the Business class with Elizabeth and Shikihita. I loved their down to earth style of teaching and felt very welcome. I have gained so much knowledge and personal tips and tricks.I found Shikhita and her team extremely helpful, encouraging and always willing to have a chat about all things cakey. I highly recommend Fair Cake, being there has totally inspired me to push forward with my dream of having a career with cake.”

Lilian Lindsay

“I just spent 6 days doing the contemporary wedding cake class. From start to finish the class was well organised. The workshop was very modern and had a lovely welcoming atmosphere. I found Shikita and her staff to be very knowledgeable and very generous with their intellectual experiences and knowledge. I learned a lot this week. Thank you, especially to Graziella for her patience and easy manner. She is a very talented lady with a very generous spirit. In conclusion, just let me say if you are still unsure…. take the class. You won’t be disappointed.”

Michelle McCauley

“I took a 6-day Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cake class at Fair Cake and i ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! From day 1 to Day 6 there was so much learning about all the different decorating techniques. Plus the staff at this course, Shikita, Graziella and their assistant Agne were so helpful and friendly!! They made us feel welcomed and comfortable throughout!!! I have to say both Shikita and Graziella are beautifully talented at what they do! They are brilliant teachers and the fact they made the learning environment so friendly and cheery by talking about their own personal experiences made it even better and more inspiring! I would highly recommend Fair Cake to anyone! I feel much more confident in my decorating techniques in just 6 days! THANK YOU once again all of you lovely people! I wrote a blog about my experience of what I did and learned in the 6 days. Feel free to check it out on my blog ‘amarbakes’ -much love, Amar”

Amar Altaf

“She is an amazing tutor and such a kind-hearted person (Tara Gan Sugar Flowers)”

Crafty Jules

“Fantastic course – thank you so much, Tara – what a teacher! (Tara Gan Sugar Flowers)”

Nicola Thomas

“A wonderful few days with an incredible and generous teacher. Thank you. Highly recommend! (Tara Gan Sugar Flowers)”

Cakes By Liane

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing Class!!! The most worth it class I can ever spend my day with. Thank you so much Elizabeth and Shikita for being too generous with your knowledge and experiences. This class must be my best business investment yet. I will always look up to you, two, no matter where this journey takes me. (How to Sell Your Cakes)”

AC Saluda

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing Class!!! The most worth it class I can ever spend my day with. Thank you so much Elizabeth and Shikhita for being too generous with your knowledge and experiences. This class must be my best business investment yet. I will always look up to you, two, no matter where this journey takes me.”

AC Saldua

“Contemporary Tiered Wedding Classes…all in all a beautiful experience to give wings to anyone’s passion for decorating a beautiful cake. Each day brought in new skills taught efficiently by the teachers with great support from the team at Fair Cake cake school. Made all students of different nationalities feel loved and welcomed at the home of cake baking and decorating! Ashmita Gupta.”

Asmita Gupta

“I attended the Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cakes 6-day course and loved it! I had limited experience with tiered cakes, and no fondant experience prior to starting but really feel I have developed skills that will keep me in good stead for starting my own wedding cake business. The workshop is brilliant, a perfect place to learn and Shikhita is a wonderful teacher. She has been only too happy to help, even after the course finished! It was intense and we covered loads of skills/topics, but the time just flew. I was disappointed when it was time to finish. 5 stars!!”


“As I participated in the 6-day program of the wedding cakes, I wasn’t expecting, it would be a great experience as I found it to be, as it started with great tutoring from an amazing professional teacher and so generous with the information’s that she shared with us, and not to end by a great atmosphere in a comfy clean and organised workshop which was the real icing on a magnificent experience, not to forget to mention the sub tutoring which it held the program to a great deal of support and individual assistance, hence it flourished by 3 awesome looking wedding cakes. As great as an impact London had on me but not as much as this course and the people behind it have.”

Rami Machal

“Took the 2 days sugar flower workshop with my mother, we had a great time! Learned so much and ended up with beautiful sell-worthy results!! The area is adorable with good places to eat and walk around. The staff was excellent answered each question and offered a lot of tea and coffee!!?? Khulood M “

אורי רוזנטל,

“I’ve recently attended the 6-day contemporary wedding cakes class and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Shikhita was absolutely amazing catering to everybody’s needs. I learned more in these 6 days then I have in my last 2 years of baking. Although it was a very big decision for me to do this course, I don’t regret it one bit. It was worth every single penny and more. Can’t wait to use all my new learned skills and create some amazing masterpieces. Thank you so much Shikhita and everybody else at Fair Cake cake school. I will surely be back. Lily x”

Lily Kraus

“Hello! I came all the way from Saudi Arabia because I had high expectations from this course (I took the modern wedding cake workshop). Let me tell you, it was even way better than I expected! Everyone there was nice and helpful. The instructor was amazing! She was always excited to teach and answer any question we had, even if it was not related to our course. She spread positive energy all around the workshop, and I feel honoured that I was taught by such a talented person. It was a wonderful experience that I learned way more than I expected from. I just loved it from the bottom of my heart. So thank you Fair cake for everything, and I will for sure take another class whenever I come back to London again!”

Khulood M

“My experience with fair cakes has always been a beautiful and fruitful one. I attended my first class with Shikita in 2013 and my cake life has never been the same. The last class I attended was the contemporary tiered wedding cake class in May. I spent 6 gloriously fulfilling days learning so much about wedding cakes. The class was well structured and we learnt loads of cake tricks and I also met loads of amazing people. I loved every bit of it. This is saying a big thank you to Shikita, Laura and of course the lovely Agnes. God bless you a great deal.I shall be back for more.”

omotoke oshilaja

“I like the classes!!! The teacher was very didactic!! She has excellent ability and she is very friendly!”

Renata Rebelo

“Had an amazing week at the April complete cake decorating techniques masterclass in April. It’s an intense week but such a comprehensive course. The organisation and management of the course was excellent. Shikita and her guest tutors did a brilliant job in supporting the students, through the joys and frustrations of the week. If you’re looking to set up a baking business or want to make more serious cakes, then this is perfect. I couldn’t recommend Faircake or the course more.”

Nasima Ansary

“I recently attended the Contemporary Tiered Wedding Cake class and I absolutely loved it! I learned a lot of tricks and tips you won’t find searching the web, so it was really useful. I also met lovely people and Shikita and her assistant Agnes were very helpful (had loads of tea too! ?)! “

Dewi Chandiramani

“I had two amazing days in fair cake. Such a lovely place in a beautiful area of London. I learn too many details to get a perfect finished weeding cake. Thanks so much to your huge patiencie and for have such a great assistant. 🙂 “

xioka urbano

“I loved the buttercream flowers class! Shikita is a great teacher with a lot of patience and humour. I felt I learned a lot and had fun. These classes are good value for money too – highly recommended!”

Kate Emmett

“I attended the excellent one-day buttercream flowers course, learned a great deal and came home with a cake decorated in stunning blooms. Shikhita is a superb tutor, who gives clear guidance and has a great deal of patience in explaining the process and in giving additional tips and tricks. She is assisted by Agne, who makes sure everyone has all the equipment and ingredients they need to hand, making kilo after kilo of buttercream as the day goes on! I’d really recommend this course for all abilities – it’s good value, a fabulous location and at the end of the day you go home with your own flowery masterpiece!”

Nicola Penny

“Great workshop! Great team! Shikita thank you for all your tips and your professionalism, your humour and also to answer all my questions!? You are a very modest woman and this was really a pleasure to meet you! Your assistant Agné is such a lovely girl and always so helpful with you and us! Tell her that she has a lot of resources inside her and I wish her a lot of success in her move! Nardy”

Nardy vanderelst mizrahi

“Great place, amazing classes and tasty cakes. Love Baking and Decorating 5 days class. Covers all the basics you need to know: baking vanilla, chocolate and orange sponge cakes, making a few different kinds of buttercream, learning how to make basic sugar flowers, ganache, fondant… I learned so much! Shikhita is an amazing teacher. She answered all of your questions and she made sure nobody struggled with anything we learned. You will bring home 3 very different and delicious cakes and 12 cupcakes!!! Highly recommend this class and looking forward to coming back for the Buttercream flowers class. Thank you Shikhita and Agne x”

Jana Buriankova

“I give Fair Cake all my thumbs up, I only have two thumbs though. The classroom is modern and fully equipped, very friendly atmosphere the teacher answers from the heart any question you throw at her. I will recommend Fair Cake to anyone have an interest in learning to make and decorate cakes professionally”

Brahim Latreche

“This week I went on a master class of making fondant flowers and flower fillers at Fair Cake in Greenwich. I have to say I have been on a few courses now and this class is by far the best and most enjoyable class I have been to. I came home on such a high and full of ideas and couldn’t wait to get started on my next cake just so I can add a rose to it. The class was amazing but that also had a lot to do with the tutor and her assistant. Amazing people who made us feel very at home and I met some wonderful people on the course also. Loved it.”

Emete Friddle

“Loved the classes – the complete cupcake course and buttercream flower making course. Shikhita is a very talented teacher, an instructor who makes you feel at ease and shares a lot of practical tips from her experiences. I came to class with zero experience, and now I can’t wait to create new designs. Highly recommended!!!”

Alex Ivanova

“Brilliant classes! Fab location and very experienced teacher who has a wonderful assistant. Can’t wait to go back! “

Habiba Alli

“Just finished one-week wedding cake class at Fair Cake cake school with my best friend, really enjoyed the class, learned a lot! both teachers are fun and very professional! “

Sabira Tayier

“I came from Brazil for a cupcake class and found a pleasant place and nice company here. Great class with a lot of useful information. Definitely recommend!”

Nodnol Jameson

“Had a great day making buttercream flowers on a buttercream cake! Great fun, a talented teacher with a relaxed and attentive style! Thank you!”

Claire Fitzsimons

“Hello Girls! I attended the Cupcake Foundation Level Class last Feb 5th and I loved it! The school is cosy, the equipment perfect and the explanations easy to follow. It was very nice to watch my cupcakes come to life! I thought I would be the only foreigner there but it seems people from all over the world attend the classes. I definitely recommend! 10 stars!”

Isabel Luqueze Galvão

“…such an awesome day…completely absorbing and exhausting, but oh so worth it. I will be back for more…” – Complete Cake Techniques Masterclass “

Christina Bussell

“So lovely people, so much professionality and experience, in a very warm and cosy atmosphere…Already attended a few classes, looking very much forward to next week classes! …And already thinking about future classes I would love to attend! I highly recommend it, is a place where you would love to come back…because is more than just a school! xxx”

Maria Georgeta

“Have spent 2 days on another amazing course at Fair Cake. Have learnt so much and will be booking more.”

Jacqueline Jones

“This was an awesome class and the cakes looked orgasmic. I had a really nice day…. Love love loved it!!! X”

Teresa Tudge

“A massive thank you for such an amazing week at the Dessert Table Masterclass! It’s been an incredible week and I’ve loved every second of it! I’m utterly exhausted but totally replete and will be dreaming of cakes this evening whilst I sleep! Thank you to all the team and tutors and of course the amazing Pamela for being an inspiration. xx”

Heather Mbarek

“Just completed the wedding cake course, met some fantastic people, tutors friendly, helpful and have so much patience, sad to leave after 5 days of fun, thank you so much xx”

Suzanne Ford

“Dear Shikhita, Natalie and Jessica. Hope you and your family are well. Just want to say my huge thanks for the wonderful lessons. The atmosphere you provide was amazing with profession and yet with a sense of humour. Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Although it took me 2.50 hours to travel, it was worth it. I didn’t want to miss any single minute of the lesson, because every single minute you provided with crucial info and tips. I’m a self-taught person from books and YouTube, but professional lessons made me more confident. It was an honour to have a lesson with Pamela McCaffrey – Made With Love, such a wonderful and beautiful lady inside out. Once again thank you so much.”

Masterclass Student

“Thank you so much! I had a brilliant weekend with you, the coffee making was amazing!!! Thanks again! “

JellyCake UK

“Thanks ladies for the fun-filled 5 days. Feel exhausted but looking at the cakes we worked on I feel like I’ve learned so much.”


“I just wanted to thank you again for the fabulous weekend spent with Faye at Fair Cake. I had a thoroughly wonderful time and am completely in love with my cake! All at Fair Cake were just brilliant, nothing was too much trouble and along with such a fabulous tutor, it made for an excellent experience. I hope to be back again soon!”

Trudy of JellyCake

“Done cupcake course, wedding cake and sugar flowers! Loved it!!! Learned so much! Would love to come back. ;)”

Isadora Cruciol