Brand New Classes

Roses and Peonies Decoration

We’ve been busy over at Fair Cake trying to create new classes, trying to keep up with the trends. It all got a bit overwhelming. I had to stop myself and remind myself that we aren’t creating trends. We are trying to equip people with the skills they need to start and create trends. That was a moment of revelation. How many times do you get caught up with trying to keep up with the Jones’s? We don’t always get it right but, if you don’t try you won’t know, right?

I digress. I decided to go back to basics – providing quality courses with expert teachers above all. With this in mind I have introduced some new classes including one of children during the holidays. The children’s classes are perfect for mum’s wanting a couple of hours of ‘me time’ whilst your little one has the time of their life decorating cupcakes!


The macaron masterclass covers the French meringue and Italian meringue techniques. I am working on changing the flavours a little but with two different techniques covered, this is a good one to attend.

Over the course of 2 days you will learn how to make a statement rose, a whimsical rose, a magnolia, cherry blossoms as well as buds and berries. It’s been a while since we’ve taught a sugar flowers class and this one is not to be missed.

The ever popular Buttercream Flowers class will resume in September once it starts getting a little cooler.

The Vegan Baking and Decorating class is going through a revamp and I cannot wait to share the new images with you.

In the meanwhile, have a look at our classes for a detailed description of what’s on offer and do get in touch if you have any questions.

In other news, you can now book an event with Fair Cake! Birthday parties, hen parties and corporate team building events… everything is possible and tailored to suit you!

If you’ve been to Fair Cake, I’d love to see you again. If you haven’t ever been to Fair Cake, I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s bake!


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