Welcome to our newest Tiered Wedding Cakes Class

Natalie and I have been super busy the last two weeks creating this awesome class. We have been planning a tiered wedding cakes class for some time now. This is to meet the demand for a comprehensive and challenging class full of essential techniques for budding wedding cake makers. We have incorporated the essential sharp square edges on cakes in every single tier – this is a technique that you can only learn by practice and you will be making three tiered wedding cakes providing ample time and opportunity to practice until you are perfect in this technique by the final day of the class.

Tiered Wedding Cakes

You will also learn how to work with real cake to make a beautiful extended tier cake. We like to incorporate elements in our classes that often take cake makers by surprise in real life -in this case, the real surprise is the weight of a double height cake and the practical problems that arise when transporting such cakes.

We will also be exploring the different options for securing cakes on top of each other – there is no one way of placing dowels, each wedding cake is different and we will demonstrate all the techniques.

Of course, we have included the popular metallic gold (or silver, if you wish) finish on your cakes. This is a particularly lovely finish for Asian or Bollywood style weddings – these gold/silver cakes can then be hand piped in a henna style to create the perfect look.

Tiered Wedding Cakes - White

We will also be working with stencils – these are particularly quick and easy to do but add a wow factor to your cakes.

Of course, what would be a cake class without flowers? So we have picked three key techniques of making flowers.

Technique 1: Making layered flowers with cutters: The best and most popular example of this technique is the large rose.

Technique 2: Creating large wired flowers: We will work on creating a simple but stunning magnolia. Once you have learned this technique, you will be able to recreate pretty much any flower you desire.

Technique 3: Making small wired flowers: Making a bunch of small wired flowers looks very effective on a cake. Our flowers of choice are cherry blossom for this class. Learn a simple and easy way to make cherry blossom, perfect for spring weddings!

Cherry Blossom on Tiered Wedding Cakes

Round and square cakes – we will work on both kinds so that you can practice your fondant covering on nine cakes before you leave – you will be dreaming about sharp edged fondant by the time you leave! Our philosophy is that our students should leave our workshop confident of their new skills. This class is five days long – these will be five intensive days that you will not have to answer phone calls, or answer emails, or cook lunches, or trawl through the internet looking at Pinterest pictures (yes, we do that too). We will keep you focussed on cake for five straight days!

White Rose on Tiered Wedding Cake

This is also a great class to see just how easy it is to use some simple new skills to create a wealth of new designs. The following picture is a cake that you will be able to create yourself once you have been to the class. You will learn the extended tier cake technique. After that, it is just a case of putting it together with two smaller tiers and you get a magnificent modern cake:

Cherry Blossom on Three Tiered Wedding Cake

Or, just as easily, use a simple stencil to make a simple but regal looking cake.

Four Tiered Wedding Cake

We will be sharing multiple tricks to make very different cakes using the same core fundamental techniques. For instance, with just a few little changes, you will be able to make this cake:

Cupcakes and Tiered Wedding Cake

If you are a budding wedding cake maker, see this class as an investment in your cake business. You will gain a number of new skills, become better at the skills in just five days and meet fellow cake makers from around the UK and Europe (and sometimes further afield!) It is a fantastic experience that will give you a head start in your cake business. And, like always, we welcome hobbyists to our classes. If you are making your sister’s/cousin’s/aunt’s/brother’s/friend’s wedding cake and would like some practice before the big day, this is the class for you! Trust us, once you get the wedding cake bug, you won’t be stopping at just one cake and this is just the right start.

This class is perfect for beginners and those with gaps in their knowledge. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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