Do you like online cake classes?

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We are forever inundated with demands for online cake classes. Online classes have really taken off in the last few years and serve up everything from pretty rose swirls to how to start and run a cake business, in the comfort of your own home. We have been toying with the idea of starting online classes for some time now, but there is one problem that we simply cannot get over –

Online classes become dated. Quickly. And they do not provide you the experience that a cake school does, they simply cannot.

You can watch a tonne of cake videos and pictures online. YouTube is by far the best source (and free!), closely followed by dedicated cake bloggers (again, free). However, if you really want to experience cake making and understand concepts, you are best off coming to a cake school. Not only do you learn the very latest in skills, because no school can survive serving up the same old same old repeatedly (which is what online classes thrive on), but you also get a realistic idea about timelines, your own work and style. Trial and error is by far the best way to learn.

Unless you have made umpteen bowls of ganache (or spoken to someone who has), you will not know that it takes an age to make and must be made perfectly every single time to avoid wasting precious chocolate and cream. Ganache can go wrong in a million different ways.

Or, you can admire these cupcakes with all those pretty colours, but by the time you get to the fun bit, you will have spent at least three hours doing the not so fun bits of preparing royal icing and colouring each colour patiently. So when an online tutor says, “….you require nine different colours for this cake, isn’t it pretty?”, we at a cake school say, “….you require nine different colours, spread your work over a few days and keep your sanity!”

So, in the debate for online vs in-the-real-world classes, we much prefer the latter.

Here is a ten point summary:

1. You get to take time off your everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of cake

2. You do not answer emails, or look at your phone for messages – bliss

3. You pick up lots of very useful techniques and meet other cake addicts

4. Make friends for life who understand why you are so into cakes

5. Learn about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a stunning cake

6. Experience the hidden joys/trials of cake making

7. Learn to work steadily and quickly to finish cake projects within time -the workshop always needs to be prepared for the next day!

8. Feel and touch and experience real cakes and sugar craft – you will be surprised at how much your style changes when it is not possible to PhotoShop!!

9. Change your mind about cake techniques you were avoiding or looking forward to – not all details about cake making are online

10. Come and see for yourself why we are practically on a first name basis with staff at B&Q

We hope to see you very soon.

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