The Complete Cake Techniques Masterclass

Sometimes, just sometimes, you fall in love with your own work. I suppose it is a perfectly good place to be. One must love one’s work, otherwise days in the office will be tedious and co-workers will seem a bit monstrous. This is one such class that makes us what we are – it is pure Fair Cake style. Our style, and we did try to run away from having a signature style, is perfectly captured in this image:

A beautiful and elegant wedding cake, breathtakingly gorgeous cupcakes and perfectly whimsical cookies. And pom poms, we gave in to pom poms. And a tiny little cupcake/cake stand for a single gorgeous cupcake. See that tiny little cupcake/cake stand? On it stands a cupcake masterpiece. When a single cupcake looks this good, it needs it own stand!

When cupcakes look this good, they ought to be pampered, no?

We LOVE to create classes for our students that are a bit different, a bit fun and above all, current. There is a huge surge in demand for dessert tables, an American trend that is fast sweeping party planners’ calendars. Be they weddings, birthday parties, christenings, bar mitzvahs or bat mitzvahs, a colourful dessert table is the centre of all celebrations, with something for everyone.

We are saying goodbye to our popular Fair Cake Techniques Masterclass this summer. It had a great run for 18 months, the last class will be held in May 2014, but now it is time to replace it with an even bigger and better class. Having studied student feedback and held long chats with students about what they would like in a perfect cake class, we have come up this awesome six day cake course. Before I go into further detail, we are teaching how to decorate

1) Two Tiered round cakes (real)

2) Three Tiered round cakes (dummy)

3) One Square cake (dummy)

4) A dozen intricate cupcakes (all real)

5) Six ornate cookies (all real)

6) Six Fondant models (made of mostly edible materials, perfect to decorate a birthday cake with)

7) Meringue kisses to add that extra something to the dessert table

And, as always, there will be plenty of information given out about cakes, cookies, cupcakes, meringues and the business of cake decorating!

Here is a closeup of a large rose that students will be making:

Once you have mastered a rose, you will have the prefect little (large) decoration for any wedding cake that comes your way. You will also learn how to make smaller wired flowers for large cakes. These cake decorating techniques are essential for any budding cake entrepreneur. You will take home a three tiered display cake – this will serve as the perfect example of your work. You will be able to use all the resources that we have at the workshop to create a stunning cake. The next time a bride and groom want to see your work, you will be able to show them an actual cake instead of pictures from Pinterest (let’s face it, we’ve all been there!)

And, of course, you will make perfect little meringues. Something to munch on while planning your cake business!

A simple and elegant touch to any dessert table. Super simple to make, very very pretty to look at!

Here is another view of our dessert table, as it stood during a fun photoshoot:


It was actually impossible to squeeze in ALL the class elements here. For one, Pamela McCaffrey’s Square Present Wrapped Cake did not make it in. Only because, well, I am a bit embarrassed to say why, so I will leave it and tell students that ask. Joanna Wood’s fondant models are also missing from this picture. Joanna changes her fondant models per class. So if you come to a class near Halloween, you are likely to make witches and pumpkins, around Christmas you will be taught Santa’s and penguins! Of course, it is the techniques behind making effective fondant figurines that you will be learning, so you will go home with all the knowledge about materials and tools that you should be able to use to create anything!

If you have any questions about this class, do email us. Our email address is hello (at) I am trying this (at) business to see if it lessens spam! Or feel free to call us on 0208 305 1756. We look forward to spending a week of cake making with you!


The next three dates for The Complete Cake Techniques Masterclass are:

22nd to 27th July 2014

9th to 14th September 2014

18th to 23rd September 2014


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