Sugar flowers Masterclass

Close up of Peony

I first came across Naz’s work (we are on first, shortened, name basis) a few years ago when I was looking for a cupcake nozzle. She used to run a cute little cake and cake equipment shop in Greenwich Market. You might remember Daisy Cakes, if you ever visited Greenwich Market. Daisy Cakes was a gorgeous little shop, until Naz’s business became too big and she had to relocate to a purpose built kitchen to make her famous wedding cakes. This woman owns a fondant sheeter – this says it all. A sheeter is a large heavy machine that rolls out fondant for you, that’s how busy she is!

Anyway, we approached Naz a few months ago. I played the we-are-based-in-Greenwich card and mentioned the word Grinnidge. She could not say no.

I can go on about her skills, but let me start with this picture:

Is. This. Not. Gorgeous?

I cannot believe just how beautiful this sugar freesia is! Imagine a string of these on cake? So simple, so effective!

Then I looked at these roses.  Now, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to sugar roses. Cracked edges are not allowed. The proportions should be right. The rose should look like a rose, not a likeness of a rose. Rant over. Feast your eyes –

The roses are perfect. I do not think I can say anymore. I am limiting my use of exclamation marks, so I will not use one. I went a bit gaga when I saw these roses. Her skills are simply amazing! Oops.

But wait till you see the peony. This exclamation mark rule will not let me rest easy. Must resist. Anyway, just look at that peony. Just one such peony will transform a cake into a wedding cake.

I think I can safely say that this is the prettiest sugar peony I have ever seen. All handcrafted using florist paste (similar to gumpaste).

And finally, here is a sweet little sweetpea flower. It is SO delicate!

So, the great news is that Naz has designed a Sugar Flowers Masterclass that she is teaching at our workshop. The class will run from 10am to 5pm and students will take home flowers that they will have made in this class. I simply cannot wait to see students’ versions of these gorgeous flowers.

Immediately following this intensive one day class, Naz will be teaching her Professional Wedding Cake Masterclass.

So if you are looking to do a crash course in wedding cake making, these would be the two classes I would highly recommend. Who better to learn from than a successful wedding cake maker who has been in business for almost a decade and is a Cake International Gold Medal Winner? Check out details on our school page.

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