We are Hiring!

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We are hiring! Person Specification We are looking for an enthusiastic and expert cake teacher. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is as obsessive about sharp edges as we are, who can tell their Swiss Meringue from their French Meringue and who has the patience of a saint. You will teach classes of […]

Dark Chocolate Ganache Recipe

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This dark chocolate ganache recipe is perfect for all those of you who are chocoholics. Sometimes, buttercream can be too buttery or too sweet. Not so with chocolate ganache (pronounced guh-nah-shh). It is absolutely sublime and, of course, gives you a perfect base on a cake. You can cover an entire cake with chocolate ganache, […]

Buttercream vs Chocolate Ganache

Cakes Ready for Decorating

We use both buttercream and chocolate ganache in our cake decorating classes and we always get the question: Which is better? Buttercream vs chocolate ganache? In our cake baking and decorating classes students decide for themselves because they get to work with both. Buttercream can be a simple mixture of whipped butter and icing sugar or made using a slightly […]

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