Magnolia Wedding Cake

Magnolia Decorated Cake

Happy New Year! Well, it is nine days late, but better late than never, I say!

2013 was an eventful year at Fair Cake and in my life. One of the most hectic months was September. I had to move house AND make a wedding cake in the same week. To make matters slightly more interesting, I had to spend a week in Shropshire before moving into the new house. The highlight of the week-without-a-house was this cake –

Magnolia Wedding Cake

Natalie baked six gorgeous dense chocolate mud cakes for me. I took them to Shropshire, where I was to finish the cake. It took me just under a week to complete this cake, and that did not include baking the six cakes. To make my life a bit easier, Jess had made a gorgeous sugar magnolia for me. Two days before the cake was to be delivered, I discovered that that magnolia had not quite made it to Shropshire by car, eeek! So I then had to charm my way around town trying to find the equipment to make a sugar magnolia. I ended up making two!

Magnolia Wedding Cake Close Up

I, of course, could not make a wedding cake without adorning it with my signature two toned rose. Here it is:

Magnolia Wedding Cake Close Up Side

It took me nearly two whole days to make the flowers. I made sugar roses, magnolia, hydrangea and petunias. I am not sure that these are realistic colours, but these are the colours that the bride wanted and what the bride wants, she most certainly gets!

Here is a closeup of the flowers –

Magnolia Wedding Cake Close Up Tiers

The final finishing touches were swiss dots and a dainty piped border. This was done in royal icing around midnight before the wedding. We took this cake by car from Shropshire to Tewkesbury. It was a slow journey with plenty of cars/buses/trucks/tractors stuck behind us on country lanes while we transported this delicate cake, fully assembled! The cake was cut around 10pm and it served almost 150 people, some indulged in more than a single piece, and there was plenty left over for the hardworking caterers!

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