Swiss meringue buttercream online course

Our swiss meringue buttercream online course will teach students everything they need to know about how to become a buttercream artist. They will learn the basics of buttercream, how to make it and create buttercream masterpieces using a vanilla raspberry cake as the base.

The buttercream online course covers a range of topics such as buttercream consistency, tinting buttercream, piping buttercream borders and swirls, and much more. The course also provides detailed instructions on how to achieve perfect results every time.

Our buttercream online course will show you how to flawlessly cover a cake with sharp edges and teach colour theory so you can achieve the perfect shade of buttercream every time.

We’ll show you how to use a piping bag with different techniques to decorate the cake, as well as add a border around the bottom.

After completing the swiss meringue buttercream online course, students will be able to confidently prepare their own buttercream creations like professionals!

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This course is one of the modules from our baking and decorating course, the online version of our ever-popular baking and decorating in-person workshop. Over the five modules, you will learn how to make sugar flowers, bake two different kinds of cake, make Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Chocolate Ganache and use these skills to fill, cover and decorate two cakes to create a stunning celebration cake and a two-tier wedding cake.

Enrolling in the baking and decorating course bundle gives you access to all five modules, where you will learn all the skills needed to become a baking and decorating pro, with a saving of £85.

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